Our Services

Our services:
  • Sort from source:

    It is a sorting process in the waste room inside the site (for the purpose of saving spaces through the pressing process) and raising awareness among these parties of the economic and domestic returns of this process.

  • Preparing a recycling plan for facilities.
  • Collection and transportation.
  • Recyclable material handling.
  • Paper destruction service (approved by government and private agencies).

Our use of modern technologies is increasing day by day, and communication technologies and various information systems occupy an advanced position in this use. On the other hand, the quantities of consumed electronic waste have increased, which has become classified as electronic waste, which has caused electronic pollution. Based on the foregoing, we would like to present to you our offer to buy all the electronic waste that is available to you to help complete plans for the development of a sustainable environment, promote a culture of recycling in the Kingdom, and raise awareness of individual and collective responsibility towards the country and the citizen by preserving a green Jordan.