Community initiatives:
As Al-Oula Paper and Cardboard Recycling Company seeks to launch community initiatives to implement its policies and directions towards a safe and clean Jordan. Among these initiatives that the company seeks to work on and coordinate efforts with the decision makers in the aforementioned authorities to make them a success:
  • My environment in my university (sorting from the source) (University of the {University of Jordan - USAID) / University of Philadelphia / Hashemite University / Yarmouk University
  • My environment in my school (Ministry of Education - Ministry of Environment - USAID - private and public schools)
  • E-waste management and lithium batteries (Ministry of Environment - Jordan Standards and Metrology Authority)
  • International Voluntary Work License (International Organization for Voluntary Work - Greater Amman Municipality)
  • Recycling and sorting from the source (Ministry of Environment - Greater Amman Municipality - USAID)
  • Citizen security begins with environmental security (Directorate of Public Security - Greater Amman Municipality - Jordan Environment Society)
  • A course on preparing solid waste management plans (Jordanian Engineers Association - Jordan Green Building Council)
  • Recycling to maintain a green and pollution-free environment (Ministry of Environment - Greater Amman Municipality)
  • Qualifying an environmental specialist for solid waste management (Ministry of Environment - Greater Amman Municipality - Jordanian Engineers Association)
There will be other directions with some local and international organizations and associations to increase the culture of initiatives for the benefit of the country and the citizen, including:
  • The Royal Scientific Society
  • The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature.
  • The Federation of Jordanian Environmental Societies.
  • The Arab Society for the Protection of Nature
  • The Royal Department for Environmental Protection and Tourism
  • The Jordan Environmental Society