first company for the recycling of paper and cardboards
First Recycling Co. for Paper and Cardboard was established in 2012, and it is considereds one of the leading companies in its field, It was founded by the Partners, Mr. Khaled Nasr and Mr. Waleed Nasr, who are members of the Jordanian Businessmen Association, as a starting point Out of their belief in the objectives of this message, as the production capacity started from 3 tons per day and today it reached 350 tons per day
To be a regional leader in providing integrated solutions of high quality in non-hazardous solid waste recycling services, due to our long and accumulated experience in this sector.
Provide a framework for strategies to divert 100% waste from landfill, ensuring the management of resources such as air and water and ensuring their quality.
Building integrated systems for recycling and integrating all its sectors into our work (including the distribution of paper and cardboards presses according to production capacity).



The transition to a circular economy is necessary to achieve the goals of sustainable development, as there are not enough natural resources to sustain the growth of the global economy on the basis of the linear model. It provides an opportunity, not only for addressing basic resource constraints, but also for a more just and inclusive economic system.

  • plastic and nylon
  • Electronic waste
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Metals